A Little About Home Team Pizzeria

We opened Home Team Pizzeria in September of 2014 with the vision of becoming the hometown pizza place for the entire Randolph County community and its surrounding areas.

We support high school sports for all of our county teams, so whether you’re hankering for a pizza after the game on Friday nights or looking for a place to enjoy a cold beverage and watch sports on TV, Home Team is the place for you!

Our names are Chuck and Tabitha Chappell, and we’ve lived in Randolph County almost our whole lives.

Chuck was an engineer and Tabitha was a nurse, but we decided that our passion for fresh, delicious, home-cooked food was more worthy of our professional pursuits.

We’re a family owned and operated home town pizza place.

We serve the quality food that we love to eat, and we’re sure you will love it too. Can’t wait to see you here!